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What color is yours?

Facebook status update: "Covered in coins"

The irony of Facebook’s latest meme — “what color is your bra (in [supposed] support of breast cancer awareness)?” — is that the entire thing was more or less a scam. Not scam as in a bad thing. No, it may have caused more than a few million Facebook members to collectively scratch their heads and say “huh?” when Facebook Friend after friend posted “pink” or “nude” or (may favorite) “commando.”

Many attributed the rush to update your Facebook status with your current color on soliciting e-mails sent from any number of breast cancer awareness and support groups. In fact, the Susan G. Komen Foundation was an oft cited group responsible for the event, though John Hammarley, spokesperson for the Foundation told the Washington Post, “It would be nice to claim credit for this, but we really have done nothing.”

While it was amusing for a number of hours to imagine the variety of colors bras could come in, there was at least one upside. The Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Facebook group went from 135 fans on Friday morning to more than 145,000 as of the date of this blog posting.

Not everyone saw the benefit of a harmless exercise that may have been someone’s creative brainchild showing simply the power of social networks and a short attention span. NPR’s Shereen Meraji, exclaimed “I changed my status, but I don’t know anything more about breast cancer or how to protect myself against it. Is this another example of ‘slacktivism,’ virtual activism with no real results.”

No matter what your opinion, as one popular blogger said of the subject “Facebook users sure got an eyeful this week.”