The Organic Marketer

Why Copywriters are Worth More Than the Creative Director

Ah, that Seth Godin. While I don’t always agree with him (his recent blog about corporate brands invading social media like Twitter and Facebook seems misinformed — I’ve seen excellent results using these channels with some of my clients), he did have one posting about the value of smart marketing, or rather, copywriting.

He was correct to say that most advertising messages (in this case, a banner outside a new coffee house proclaiming, “Unlike Any Coffee You’ve Ever Tasted Before”) seems to be clumsily obvious and redundant (I love his questioning of the leading capitals for each word!). His elegant analysis and breakdown of the headline into the much more effective “FREE TASTE TEST Are we better than Starbucks?” is a statement about how visual layout and typography can’t make up for a lame message.

The lesson to be learned? As a client, look forward to the visual concepts, but realize that lowly Microsoft Word document forwarded from your agency’s copywriter is the most critical e-mail you should pay attention to.