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Last Rites for Web 2.0? Quite the Contrary.

I read an interesting article this morning that was based on an interview with Clark Kokich, CEO of Razorfish, what might best be described as a new media integration agency. At the heart of the article was the need for innovation as we travel the path from familiarization and utilization of common Web 2.0 tools to the somewhat nebulous and uncertain world of Web 3.0.

Almost everyone knows at least the components of Web 2.0 — blogs, social networking, etc. — even if they aren’t familiar with the term. Indeed, defining Web 3.0, even according to Wikipedia, is difficult since “the nature of defining Web 3.0 is highly speculative. In general it refers to aspects of the internet which, though potentially possible, are not technically or practically feasible at this time.”

In fact, many have said that while Web 2.0 is a moniker for the activities of the “mass of amateurs,” Web 3.0 refers more to distillation and concentration of expert advice and information, delivered to and accessed by consumers in an as yet, untold and undetermined manner.


So Simple, It Had Me Coughing Up My Cell Number Without a Second Thought

Posted in Innovative Strategies,Mobile Marketing by Jim Tome on September 8, 2008
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An idea so elegantly simple, you will find yourself drawn into its innovative idea.

Doubtless, you’ve left the home countless times on a sunny morning, only to be faced with a torrent of rain once you get to work. asks that you enter your zip code (presumably where you are now or where you’re going) and it predicts (we guess through some sort of web services feed) whether you’ll need an umbrella today.

Once reviewer on — our favorite source for all things geek — exclaims, “Despite its questionable usefulness, this [web site] deserves an award for simplistic practicality.”


Smarter Marketing via Gaze Tracking & Location Detection

Gaze tracking is for real. Minority Report, any one?

Gaze tracking is for real. Minority Report, anyone?

As if The Minority Report wasn’t already a frightening glimpse of the Big Brother future with its crime prediction and eye scans that deliver targeted marketing on the fly, a new patent application from Philips Electronics would monitor what consumers are looking at as they view a retail store’s display window and then provide more information about what is being looked at via video displays or other methods.

Another application I’ve seen for this is tracking gazing trends for large groups of consumers. Presumably, one could test different layouts or displays to measure effectiveness of different presentations or even what times of the day or week are likely to make passers-by stop and look.


Apple’s Location-Based Content Patent: One Step From “Minority Report?”


Imagine your favorite cup of coffee waiting for you as walk in the door -- location-based services allow your relative location to be detected and your phone to serve as the interface.

Imagine your favorite cup of coffee waiting for you as walk in the door -- location-based services allow your relative location to be detected and your phone to serve as the interface.

The Apple universe was abuzz in a minor way mid to late last week with news of patent that was published in December 2007, but now somehow arrived on the radar of the Apple/iPhone faithful. One of the best examples can be found at popular rumor site, (see story here), complete with a mockup of an application from Starbucks that can be used to order your favorite coffee beverage without ever interacting with one of their staff!

The gist of this patent is that sometime in the future, your iPhone will be able to detect when it is within range of a special application server and that same server will be able to interact with your iPhone. In the example given, you can custom-order (and, presumably, pay for) that latte just the way you like it without going to the ordering counter. Your order is taken and processed via the special server and your order is announced for pick-up a few minutes later.


Ready for mobile marketing? Here’s an interesting dilemma

Posted in Mobile Marketing by Jim Tome on March 18, 2008
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For all of you thinking you’re barely able to get your hands around web-based marketing, the news out of the Apple camp — producer of the I-have-to-have-one-now iPhone — is that they’ve recently found themselves behind the eight ball when it comes to working with people and companies who want to produce software (read: custom applications) for their new creation. With over 100,000 requests to download the instruction manual on how to play nice with the iPhone, Apple clearly underestimated other’s people’s vision for what the sleek black and silver device is capable of.

What does this mean to you, Mr. Marketer?

Well, Apple predicts an additional 10,000,000 (yes, seven zeros) phones to be sold this year, topping out at about 12 to 13 million happy little sets of fingers tapping away. Think how your business could market to consumers who basically eat and sleep with these things just a few inches away and the possibilities are endless (or, at least, mesmerizing).