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Who’s Stealing (or Stole) Your Brand?

Came across a neat little web site this evening, Actually, I was invited on Facebook to become a Fan of the Facebook Page for namechk. So, being the curious type (and wondering why 55 others before me found this web site to be intriguing enough to become Fans), I checked (!) it out and was delighted to see a web site that would allow me to automatically see if my selected “name” (think: brand) was available on the ever-growing list of social networking and media web sites.

Periodic visits to can help you to know where you might have some exposure problems with your brand names.

Periodic visits to can help you to know where you might have some exposure problems with your brand names.

Now, when it comes to personal branding, I tend to be from the school that says if your name is simple enough to remember, why mess with a good thing and try to come up with some clever marque. Hey, it worked for Ben and Jerry.

So, a simple search of my nom préfère, “jimtome,” came up with a bewildering number of web sites where this name is still untaken. Which begs the question, what are you doing about protecting your brand online?

While I’m not necessarily talking about domain squatting or, as it’s better known, cybersquatting, but rather measures you should take to make sure that your company’s, service’s or product’s name, trademark or tagline isn’t being confused with someone else’s? As most of the social sites have simple sign-up processes that take just a minute or so, it would behoove most companies and organizations to spend an afternoon doing a little proactive defense of their brand and create some “holding” accounts.

Failure to take these measures can sometimes be met with calamity. There was the Fake Steve Jobs blog, a fake Shaquille O’Neil on Twitter and even the Dalai Lama getting in on the act (or did he?). Clearly, it’s time for companies and organizations — especially those that seem to view the online social world as this curious animal on display at sort of cyber zoo — to step up and take control of their brand in the ever-growing online arena.

Now, if you’ll jsut excuse me a few minutes, I need to go create “jimtome” accounts on Badoo, Blip, Etsy, Kaboodle, Odeo, Rejaw, Vimeo….


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