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So Simple, It Had Me Coughing Up My Cell Number Without a Second Thought

Posted in Innovative Strategies,Mobile Marketing by Jim Tome on September 8, 2008
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An idea so elegantly simple, you will find yourself drawn into its innovative idea.

Doubtless, you’ve left the home countless times on a sunny morning, only to be faced with a torrent of rain once you get to work. asks that you enter your zip code (presumably where you are now or where you’re going) and it predicts (we guess through some sort of web services feed) whether you’ll need an umbrella today.

Once reviewer on — our favorite source for all things geek — exclaims, “Despite its questionable usefulness, this [web site] deserves an award for simplistic practicality.”

“Questionable usefullness?” I think not. Sure I could turn on the TV. Sure I could wait (…on the “eights”) and listen (i.e. pay attention) to the forecast on the radio (I dread it comes after the completely depressing traffic). Or even wake up my MacBook Pro and fire up

But the best part of — apart from is elegant austerity — if that you can actually subscribe to the service via your cell phone (provide your cell number, service provider and what time you’d like to receive notice) and it will text you whether to bring your umbrella or not.

Smart marketers take note — this simple site had me punching in my ten digit number without a second thought (there’s not even a privacy statement for me to check into). Clearly, with web sites offering simple, useful services like this, cell phone “advertising” is the U.S. is poised to gain ground.


2 Responses to 'So Simple, It Had Me Coughing Up My Cell Number Without a Second Thought'

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  1. Matt said,

    I feel obliged to mention that has been doing it without text messages for a month longer – that is all

  2. Jim Tome said,

    Matt, an excellent point, though the true intent of my posting was to note that the idea of what the site did was so simple and “intuitive” that I, as a consumer, wasn’t hesitant at all to give it my cell phone number. Could this be a sign that cell phone marketing is just around the corner?

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