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All Things Seth Godin

Posted in Social Marketing by Jim Tome on May 2, 2008
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I’ve been a huge Seth Godin raver for years even though he does have a tendency to hawk his wares a bit too blatantly for me. Imagine my delight (I would say “surprise,” though Seth, integral to the site I’m about to mention has to love what someone did!) when I wandered around Squidoo (which Seth started back in 2005) and found this little gem.




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  1. seth godin said,

    Hi Jim

    I’m glad you liked the action figure (all the proceeds go to the Acumen Fund, by the way).

    I’m concerned about the blatant self-promotion part, though. With more than 2500 posts to date, and no ads, I think I’ve kept any promotional references to less than 2% of the posts, and I try extra hard to make them relevant.

    If you have suggestions for a better balance between letting people know what I’ve crated and bothering them too much, please let me know.

  2. organicmarketer said,


    If you’re telling me it’s real (I guess I didn’t get that!), that’s tough sell — you’ve got a great captive audience that are fans of you (who wouldn’t DIE for 2,500 posts!?) but really, as an adult, it’s a bit nerdy for me to have an action figure on my desk. That being said, and being such a fan of yours, if I did have one, it would be yours.

    Thinking this through as I write, though, I’ve always tried to advocate your evangelism, even buying colleagues copies of your book as gifts. Bringing a bit of drip marketing to my strategy, it would be wise, I think, for me to give your action figure (really, a classic idea!) to my more nerdy, er, passionate colleagues.

    I don’t know what help I may be giving you, but, you’re the Master of Cross Selling (BTW, the entire experience building up to your recent webinar presentation was absolutely brilliant — something I am using as a case study in marketing motivation to my clients in an upcoming case study we are sending out). I’m sure you’ll figure a way to promote these to those that would really want to share.

  3. seth godin said,

    Actually, I don’t sell or market the figures (I didn’t build the page you found). A toy company licensed the rights from me.

    I’ve never tried to get someone to buy them, but I think it’s fun when people decide they’d like to have one.

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