The Organic Marketer

Web site direct visits yield greatest returns

Posted in Searching by Jim Tome on March 18, 2008

A new study by San Diego-based search marketing firm, Engine Ready, found direct access — through directly typing in an URL or accessing a bookmark on a return visit — to a client’s web site yield better results than visits from e-mail, landing pages or organic and paid search results.

Visitors coming directly to a web site had a conversion rate of 3.3% — higher than any other visit type. The same direct visitors spent an average of 5.2 minutes on the site, viewing an average of six web pages during their visit. Referred traffic visitors converted 3.0% of the time and viewed just four web pages during an average stay of 4.1 minutes. Overall, search traffic had the lowest conversion rates — 1.4% for paid search and 1.2% for organic searches. Organic searches did tend to yield a high number of pages viewed — an average of five per visit.


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